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Work and Travel

Reisen und Jobben in Australien


Bis zu ein Jahr lang kannst du durch Australien reisen und alle Sehenswürdigkeiten selbst entdecken. Um deine Reisekasse aufzubessern darfst du nebenbei im Gastland jobben. Eine Ausreise ist das ganze Jahr über möglich. Den Tag Deiner Ankunft in Australien oder Neuseeland kannst du frei bestimmen.

Damit Du einen guten Start in Australien oder Neuseeland hast, haben wir ein ein Work and Travel Programm gestaltet, das dir die Anfangszeit im Ausland erleichtert und dir gleichzeitig die größtmögliche Flexibilität bietet.

Wann beginnst du dein ganz persönliches Work and Travel Abenteuer und erlebst das Jahr deines Lebens?

Downunder - a continent full of opportunities

Australia, also the largest island and smallest continent on Earth is incredibly varied. And that makes Down under safe not only for you as an au pair to a dreamland. Australia is the land of many dreams and desires, a classic immigrant country. More than 100 years in Australia, the first national park in the world was created - today there are 2000 of them in every state. Invite you to bush walks, swimming and camping.

With our program Au Pair Australien you should take a look at the Aboriginal rock art. Experience as an Au Pair in Australia impressive natural wonders like the huge monolith Uluru. Go to diving expedition to the largest coral formation in the world - the Great Barrier Reef. Or relax on Fraser Iceland, the largest sand island in the world. Australia opens during the au pair stay tremendous opportunities.

Our au pair agency in Australia offers free placements. The Au Pair host families in Australia are carefully selected and are looking forward to her new family member. With our program Au Pair Australien you will make a lot of experience and have exciting adventures. A first impression offer Australia advice of our former au pair participants.

Au Pair Australien without a language course

You can also opt for an au pair stay in Australia without previous English course. Under this program, a program start, the whole year round. The placement is with host families throughout Australia, and the best of all; It is Free !.

With our program Au Pair Australien, you care for the children of your host family and do light household tasks. In return you get free room and board in the family as well as pocket money. You can always get prepared in advance before leaving Germany by gaining some prior experience in child care.

Au Pair duties and spending

Depending on the agreement you work as an au pair for 30 to 45 hours per week caring the children of your host family and do light household tasks. In return you get free room and board in the family as well as a weekly allowance. This depends on the working week you choose before arriving with your au pair family. The weekly allowance paid is between 150, - and 250, - AUD.

The following tasks will be requested to the au pair:

  • Wake up children and prepare for school
  • Feed Babies and wash Bottles
  • Bring the children to school / nursery school and pick them up
  • Play with the kids , and help them with their homework
  • Take the children to attend after-school classes or after school activities
  • Prepare light meals for the children
  • Shopping, clean up, do laundry
  • Vacuuming or ironing

The course program

Step 1: In order for us to start the process, as an au pair Australien with a nice host family, we ask you to registering by completing the online application with full details. Our team in Australia will contact you as soon as we receive your application

Step 2: We consider your application. If necessary, we will conduct a short telephone interview to assess your English skills. Your complete au pair application will be forwarded to our Au pair Australien head office in Sydney. Our team presents your documents to several families in the desired period you would like to travel with them.

Step 3: A Family Shows interest to have an interview with you, we will send you the profiles of the Family. You have the oportunity to speak with the family by phone or Skype and decide which family best suits your expectations.

Step 4: Once we have received the confirmation from the family, you will receive written confirmation and a work contract to sign for your Au pair Australien program.

Step 5: We will let you know how to apply for your visa and you can proceed booking your flight. To apply for a visa you will receive assistance.

It is also very important that you take out health, accident and liability insurance for the duration of your au pair stay.

The host family

Generally speaking, a placement as an au pair Australien is possible during any time of the year in Australia. The families live along the coast, in the big cities and their suburbs but also in the outback.

Our program Au Pair Australien has families all over Australia, you will visit not only the touristic places of Australia but get the chance to know more than just a look behind the scenes too. As a family member you share the daily life with your host family and experience their culture, become more mature and independent. An amazing experience that you will not forget and will surely enrich your life sustainably.

If you are taking a proactive approach and seek to establish a loving and cordial relationship with all family members, you will settle in quickly.

Care during the program Au Pair Australien

For questions and problems that arise during the au pair stay, our team and head offices are available by telephone.

This will take you to meet with other au pairs in your area. This is to ensure that you quickly make friends.

Application Period

Your application for the au pair Australien program can take place during the whole year. You should submit your application to us about 3 months before the program start with us.

Length of stay

The au pair placement is possible for 6 months. Please note: A stay of less than 6 months is generally difficult to achieve because most of their Au Pair host families do not want to change so often. Because of visa you can be only 6 months working as an au pair for the same host family. If you are planning a longer stay au pair, you have to change the host family in Australia, our team will help you to arrange a seconf host family for free and in this way you can work another six months in Australia.


In order to work as an Au Pair in Australia you must have a working holiday visa. The entry on a tourist visa, which is valid only for 3 months, does not allow to exercise a paid job in Australia.

The working holiday visa is valid for up to 12 months and can be assigned only once in life. You have the chance to travel to Australia after your au pair work or to extend the au pair stay for 12 months. The visa application process is done online.

Please ensure that you have a passport that is valid at least 3 months beyond the intended stay.


An offer for health, accident and liability insurance is required

Travel Budget

All young people who enter the country with a working holiday visa in Australia must prove that they have sufficient travel budget to stay. The proof can be done by a current bank statement or a credit card. Since you are living as an au pair with a host family, you will not consume the travel budget certainly on this scale. The budget is, however, required for entry, so you can ensure that travelers during their stay does not live at the expense of the Australian state.

Info: Au Pair Australien without taking a course

  • Age: 18-30 years, female
  • Prerequisites: Good knowledge of English (high school diploma or equivalent experience), good child care experience (at least 2 references), first aid course, a nonsmoker, proof of car driving license
  • Employment & pocket money:
    Working hours between 30 and 45 hours per week,
    weekly allowance of € 150, - to 250, - AUD (from 6 - to 7 - AUD per hour)
  • Host family: Carefully selected host families, free room and board, private room
  • Onsite: Competent supervision carried out by the staff of our Au Pair Australien head office in Sydney
  • Duration: 6 months with option to extend for another 6 months in a second host family
  • Placement Fee: FREE with us (435, - Euro with other agencies)
  • Additional costs: flights, transfers, visa fee (currently 365, - AUD), costs for health, accident, liability or trip cancellation insurance


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