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Major Cities 



As Au pair you can travel with your working holiday visa to Adelaide, which is the largest city in South Australia, with over 1 million inhabitants is one of the most chosen by immigrants as a place of residence. It is seen as a very pleasant place to live, a charming enclave, surrounded by a green belt of parks, located on the slopes of the mountain ranges of Mount Lofty. During the summer, warm and dry, green areas are irrigated by the waters of the Murray River, on which the city also has the feeling that the desert Outback is waiting to invade the place. 

Quality of life 

The lifestyle of Adelaide is extremely safe and quiet.With fewer inhabitants than Sydney and Melbourne, Adelaide is a dynamic city that offers thousands of things to do and places to go. It was also notable for its low cost of living is lower than that of Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Melbourne. The average price of home sold in Adelaide in December 2000 was A $ 137,000, while in Sydney was A $ 305,000. Adelaide has a total of 173 public and private hospitals and has the highest rate of doctors per capita in Australia. Innovations in various fields such as neurosurgery have given him an international reputation in South Australia which relates to health services. 

The education, is one of the attractions of this city as a place of residence.

Prestigious international institutions develop educational and training programs at the highest level and promote the commitment of their students with the community, to win domestic and foreign students. 

Developing economy 

The area of new technologies and telecommunications has been a great growth in Australia and the state of South Australia is one of the places where many companies have decided to set up their headquarters for the entire Asia Pacific, this is the case with Motorola and BAE Systems. But Adelaide also identifies with the manufacturing industry, such as the production of refrigerators and air conditioning; also produces 180,000 cars a year, half the annual production of Australia. This state has some of the world's largest mines copper, iron, uranium, silver and gold, and the largest lead smelter in the world. South Australia exported more than A $ 2.5 billion per year in wine, meat, sea food, fresh food and processed, all harvested and reared in one of the cleanest environments in the world. Half of all Australian wines are produced in this state and have earned international recognition for its quality. Many activities associated with this industry, since the bottleneck to tourism, have helped build new businesses and develop new sources of work. 

Natural Beauties and excursions

Tourism is another industry with most job offers, so many of the state's educational institutions offer courses in Tourism and Hospitality. Adelaide is surrounded by beaches, mountains and vineyards. To the southeast of the city are the Adelaide hills, which are very popular outlets for conducting weekend, with several national parks, perfect for exploring on foot. Many people living in the mountains to take advantage of the air cooler, and there are some great summer houses. 

The trail of long-distance Heysen Trail crosses the mountain range, with a number of shelters. To the south, the Fleurieu Peninsula stretches towards Cape Jervis and possesses a wealth of spectacular beaches and several small vinaterías. The Barossa Valley is the first wine region of Australia, with over 30 excellent wineries within 50 km of the city. The valley is easy to see in 1 day or on an excursion, but it's also a place to stop and relax. It is just 1 hour drive from Adelaide and is the premier wine producer largest in Australia, which are internationally recognized. 

As moves towards Cape Jervis, on the west coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula, the Kangaroo Island, just 13 km from the shore, appearing behind a valley of rolling hills. Once on the island, its size and lack of development, there is only one inhabitant per square kilometer, causing a deep impression: this is the third largest island of Australia. Although it has been promoted as a tourist destination for over 10 years, the island is still very rough, and the islanders are more sociable than ever: only in high season (Christmas until late January, when most shelters are reserved) appearance is busy. Kangaroo Island is possibly the best place in Australia to discover a wide variety of flora and fauna, not affected by disease or natural predators, with one fourth of the land protected as national parks or reserves. 

Yorke Peninsula, across the Gulf from Adelaide, is less known, while many villagers holiday there: it also has wonderful beaches and contains the ruins of an ancient copper mining industry, as well as an excellent national park. 

At only 2 hours drive from Adelaide, the peninsula offers a rest weekend quiet and good fishing. At the tip of the peninsula is the Innes National Park, with its coastline of rugged cliffs, beaches and extension of sand dunes, as well as an internal low mountains. The park remains intact, except for the ruins of the mining town of Inneston, near the bay Stenhouse. On the other hand the same town offers activities and events in the most diverse range and incredible places to see, between those who can be counted Museum South Australia, the Botanical Gardens, the Museum of Immigration and the Jam Factory and Design where he exhibited works by Australian artists. Adelaide is a charming city surrounded by natural beauty, with a highly developed cultural industries in progress and an excellent level of life that make it a highly recommended destination for immigrants seeking a better quality of life.