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Please complete all the informaiton required here, it will take you time but it is important to do it well as it will be seen and judged by the families
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Your Host Family

Age Groups






Have you worked with..

Will you work with….

Preferred Location



Small Town

Village-the country




Any allergy to pets or dogs?



About yourself

Choose 5 adjectives that best describe your personality

Outgoing Organised Shy Friendly Responsible Sensitive Hardworking Creative Caring Clean Calm Negative Nature lover Loud Positive Neat Attentive Messy Honest Mature Dependable Independent Social Athletic Artistic
Other adjectives? (specify)  

Do you have a serious boyfriend/girlfriend?  

  If yes, explain how you will manage homesickness when apart from them for up to 12 months?

 What are you currently doing? (studies, work…)

 What will you do later on? Which career ?

Interests & Hobbies


Which are your hobbies ?

Musical Instruments  Cycling Scrapbooking Computers Violin Writing Riding Flute Decoupage Soccer Arts and Crafts Photography Guitar Swimming Choir Dance Snow–Boarding Skiing Gymnastics Reading Reading Tennis Piano Running Community Service Artwork Gym Museums Theatre Cinema Music

Other hobbies? (specify)

Do you have any special talents or skills which may be useful when caring for children e.g. first aid, life saving?

General Questions

Have you had 200 hours experience in childminding?

Please list 3 things you should do when changing nappies

How would you handle a child of any age, becoming very upset at not getting their own way and having a tantrum?

How would you handle a child who refuses to eat?

Can you tell about a time when you have been aware of children in an unsafe environment and what you did about it?

What were the potential risks in this unsafe environment?

If a baby or young child is crying what are the basic needs you would check for to try and determine the problem?

What do you consider the most important qualities of a good childminder?

Suggest a few games that you could play indoors that require no/very little equipment

How does the supervision of children differ when dealing with:

– a baby

– a toddler

– a school child

What do you enjoy the most about childcare?



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Please note;

Not having photos on your au pair profile is the same as sending an incomplete college profile to the school you really wish to attend.

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