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Why to choose an Agency

Advantages for Au pairs to register with Aupair Australia instead of using a pure online service

We are not an automated matching site so you can communicate with real people by telephone. You can call our partner in France and speak with us to answer any question you may have during your application.

  • We are the only Au pair agency offering an Online English course, which is provided by AMES specialist English resources (included with your Free placement, English course is valued at $330)
  • Completion bonus at the end of your stay (between $300 and $500)
  • We are an Australian Au pair agency since 2005 and not a pure internet service
  • You will have 1 paid week holiday at the end of your stay
  • We offer you a family replacement (free as well) if you are not happy with the first family or have a problem
  • We will ask the family to provide you with a clear agreement which mentions your working hours, payment, etc to protect you
  • Support from us to help if any disagreements.
  • We keep your information as confidential, and only provide your contact details to our registered family once you agree to proceed with an interview
  • We design a work schedule with the family, so we can show the work required before you accept, and you will receive general information about the family.
  • You will have your own room and pocket money
  • We provide you with our Au pair guide, maps and travelling tips.
  • After your arrival with your hosting family, we’ll contact you to make sure you are ok.
  • Assistance from Au pair Australia during your stay with the hosting family
  • We’ll provide you with the list of au pairs placed in your area to catch up and make friends here
  • We get references from our families, to ensure is a safe place for you
  • You can contact us anytime you need an advice to make your stay happy

What are the advantages to choose an agency instead of using matching websites?

These are some of the risks an Au pair can face without the support of a reputable and well established Au pair agency:

Absence of a written contract that protects the au pair if mistreated or unpaid Insufficient references and information about hte family she will join No re-match opportunity for the au pair (secondary placement) if the initial placement is unsuccessful No local support during the placement if the au pair is not happy or needs help They pretend to offer Au pair matching services, but which in fact are only to allow direct contact between families and Au pairs. They do not have any physical persons to do the screenings Impossibility to contact anybody in case of problems High risk of meeting non genuine families Pedophiles,rapists.etc)


Please read the next testimonial we received from a real Au pair about her bad experience by using pure internet websites:


”Hi Miryam,

    I just wanted to send a quick note with a question or two for you. My name is Crystal and about this time two years ago I was in contact with you and your organization about spending a year au pairing for a family in Brisbane. Firstly is wanted to thank you so much for your help in all of that, you were informative, patient and did a beautiful job In answering my questions and helping to relieve some of the nervousness I had about the adventure. This was why when I had some questions about returning to australia, I was hoping that maybe you would be will to try and help again.

But first, I wanted to just let you know what happened with my first placement, and how everything all played out. After being matched with a family, and the Skype interview with them was completed, we moved into the process of contract signing, and so forth and this is also where my nativity kind of got the better of me, which resulted I a really negative experience with This family and my trip. They seemed like really nice people when I spoke with the over the internet so I didn’t foresee any problems when they asked me to discontinue with your services and organization so that they didn’t have to pay you anymore for their registration(Or something along those lines), they managed to talk me into it. So I continued on to Australia without your support,  and doing so left myself unprotected in what turned out to be a pretty negative situation. Over the 8 or 10 months I was with the family, I was not treated very kindly or respectfully at all, and after a month or two being there, I was made to feel very uncomfortable and asked to stay in my room or leave the house in the evenings when I was off duty because the father of the family did not like that i was there and was invading his space. I was not allowed to eat meals when others were eating, I had to wait until they were done in the kitchen and was often asked to work in situations where I was nothing going to be paid. For example they were often at least an hour late from work every night, however I was only to be paid until 4 when agreed upon at the beginning. I was told they would need me over Christmas so was to come with them on vacation where they were a going and then was asked on the afternoon wolf the 23rd to stay home because there plans had changed and I was not longer invited to where they were headed now. Finally 6 weeks before I was due to fly home, the woman came home from work early on a Friday, announced to me she had been fired, no longer needed me and I had to leave by the end of the weekend. And the she was also not going to pay me what she owed me for that week because she couldn’t afford it. It was pretty terrible.

Alllll of this being said, I know it’s not your responsibility to do anything about this experience, as I did opt out of your services and therefore your protection that I would have had in this situation. I just wanted to let you know, a) incase this family’s seeks a nanny with you in the future, and b) because I would love an opportunity to return to australia, with a new family and rewrite this negative experience. Despite how terrible this family was, I really liked Australia, and would love to return in September of 2014 for another family. I was approved for the first working holiday visa with little problem, I am still only 27 and was wondering if there as any way of receiving another one. The first wants actually used in any official capacity at all, the airport asked me if I had one, however customs didn’t ask for it? It’s not still valid is it? If I didn’t use it?

I am grateful for your time and consideration and help in this, i hope your having a good day.


Crystal Chessell crystalchessell@gmail.com  

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How we can assist our Au pairs:

Au pair Australia gives to the Au pair an opportunity to experience Australia in the safest possible way, living within a family lifestyle, learning about other culture, while still having free time to study, work and travel. By doing light housework and/or child minding, is an excellent way to save money and not having to pay extra for accommodation or meals. 
We will provide you with orientation about the program before your arrival. And we’ll provide advice, assistance with any problems, and support throughout the program. 

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