Main Cities

Australia is a member of the British community of nations and its official name is Commonwealth of Australia. It comprises six states: New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Tasmania and two territories: Australian Capital Territory and Northern Territory. The capital is Canberra, where the Parliament and the Prime Minister, although it is a relatively small city compared to Sydney or Melbourne. 

Geographically it is a vast country, has virtually the same area as the continental United States, but with only 20 million inhabitants and a very low population growth: if it were not for the integration of immigrants, the population growth would be negative. As the center of the continent is composed of deserts, it is not surprising that the main urban settlements are located on coasts.
Then you can access a page with more information about each of the major cities of Australia: 

Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth , Brisbane, Canberra

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