Why Australia?

Australia is one of the developed countries with higher growth and better living standards worldwide. According to the ranking of the Organization of the United Nations Human Development, Australia is the country that offers better living conditions in the Southern Hemisphere.During recent years, both Australia and its major cities have been on the top of all rankings of quality of life.

The main reason why Australia has an active program of migration is due to the growth of the economy that this country has experienced more than a decade. For over 10 years, the Australian economy grew at an annual average of 4%, accompanied by low inflation and low interest rates. Forecasts for the next five years are expecting a growth of almost 3% annually.On the other hand, the demographic situation in Australia is very stable with a growth rate of population similar to that of European countries, which creates a gap between available jobs and the number of people who can cover these positions.

Australia is a highly developed country that combines natural beauty with high technology, making it a unique place, very attractive, it is worth knowing and travel. Moreover, its economic indices, the high quality of life and its multicultural society open to immigrants, make it the best destination when it comes to emigrate. The Agenda for Migration Australia underlines the importance of attracting new immigrants who have education or vocational training, and that may be useful for the country’s economic growth. However, Australia also receives immigrants for other reasons, such as family reunification or humanitarian grounds. The Australian Government is fully committed to the antidiscrimination policy. In 1996, Prime Minister of Australia proposed a parliamentary statement on racial tolerance. The House of Representatives accepted the declaration unanimously. In that statement was denounced ethnic intolerance and reaffirmed the principles of equal rights regardless of race, color, creed or origin.