Why Oz Au pair Australia

The Unique Advantages 

Au Pair Australia was the first Au Pair Agency established in Sydney and has had the same owner for 15 years.

Au Pair Australia is a reputable organization that matches Australia families with au pairs from around the globe. The agency is committed to providing high-quality service and support for both host families and au pairs throughout their journey together. 

The Advantages of Choosing Oz Au Pair Australia 

  1. Personalized customer service: More than just matching families with potential au pairs; we go the extra mile to understand the unique needs, preferences, and expectations of each family. This level of service not only reassures parents, but it also lays the groundwork for a successful and satisfying placement. This approach can significantly enhance the overall experience for families seeking the ideal au pair match.

  2. Comprehensive Screening Process: Our Agency takes pride in its thorough screening and selection process. We ensure that all potential au pairs have clean criminal records, possess the required childcare experience, and have a genuine interest and love for children. This gives host families the confidence that their au pair is reliable and trustworthy.

  3. Strong Support System: With our Agency, host families and au pairs are never alone. Our agency offers robust support to ensure a smooth, enjoyable experience for all parties involved. From pre-departure information to on-going assistance during the au pair’s stay, the agency ensures every concern is addressed promptly and effectively. 

  4. High-Quality Training: Au pairs through our agency receive comprehensive pre-departure orientation. This program includes vital information on childcare, safety procedures, and adjustment to the Australlian lifestyle, preparing the au pairs for a successful stay with their host families.

  5. Multicultural Exposure: Au Pair Australia has a diverse range of au pairs from different countries. This gives host families the unique opportunity to introduce a new language and culture to their children, broadening their horizons and promoting a sense of global citizenship.

  6. Flexible and Personalized Care: Since the au pairs live with the host families, they can offer flexible childcare, adapting to the family’s schedule and the children’s needs. This allows for a level of personalized attention that is often hard to find in traditional childcare settings.

  7. Cost-Efficiency: Opting for an au pair through Au Pair Australia is often more cost-effective than hiring a full-time nanny or enrolling children in daycare. By providing room and board, families are essentially incorporating the cost of childcare into their existing household expenses.

  8. Building Lifelong Relationships:Au pairs often become like extended family members, creating lifelong bonds with their host families. Our Agency facilitates this by ensuring a good match between the family and the au pair, leading to a memorable cultural exchange experience.


Selecting the right childcare solution is a crucial decision for every family. Our Agency simplifies this au pair placement process by providing a secure, supportive, and enriching environment for both host families and au pairs.

With its thorough screening process, training programs, diverse pool of candidates, and a commitment to excellent service, Au Pair Australia emerges as a compelling choice for those seeking a flexible, affordable, and rewarding childcare option. Through their services, they not only provide a solution to your childcare needs but also open the door to a unique cultural exchange that benefits the entire family.