Family Outings

You are welcome to join us during any family activities or outings on the weekends or in the evening, but we understand you may have your own plans as well.

There may be times when we want to do something alone with the kids and we hope that you don’t feel excluded–it isn’t personal. We just want to have some alone time with the kids too. We also ask that after (include time) during the week­days that we all have “alone” time. If you want to talk, we certainly can but we generally want to have some alone time.

We want to learn about your culture and have you learn about our culture. If you have any places you would like to visit, special foods or holidays you want to celebrate, please let us know—We would be happy to celebrate!

Getting Ready for Work

You should plan to come down early to eat breakfast before you start with the kids. If starting mid-day, plan to eat lunch before starting.


Generally, we expect everyone in the house to contribute to a clean home. We all need to chip in to make certain the house is clean. (note: if the family has additional cleaning help, be certain to address how that impacts the au pair)

• Please take the time to clean up any mess when the kids are taking a break. This includes putting their toys away, cleaning their chairs in the kitchen, cleaning up after lunch, organizing books, replenishing diapers, etc.

• If you have dirty dishes, please load the dishwasher. Once it is full, please turn it on and put the dishes away after they are clean.

• Always pick up after yourself and your friends

• You will be responsible for the kids laundry weekly; this likely means cleaning 1-2x/week


Be certain to address grocery shopping and dinner. Below is a sample:

The Family typically sits down for dinner at __pm. You are welcome to participate or eat on your own.

On _____ days we will all sit down for dinner to discuss the kids schedule, how they are acting, what new things they are doing, what we want to teach them, etc. We will also discuss anything new that is important to you!

If we are running low on any food, or if you want something special, please start a grocery list and put it on the refrigera­tor or add them to the list that is already on there. When reasonable, we will do our best to accommodate your requests.

You will need to prepare food for the kids meals. It is important that you always try and give them a healthy meal with a meAupair-car-rules.htmat, fruit and vegetable.


On weeknights we ask that you generally be home by 11 pm and rested for taking care of the kids. However, if you want to stay out past that time, it is not a big deal. We will not impose a curfew unless it is causing major disruption to the house or keeping you from doing your job well.

If you go out on the weekends and don’t plan to come home, please let us know in advance or call by 10:00 p.m so that we don’t worry about you!