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We predominately place au pairs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold Coast and major cities. We do place au pairs in country/rural areas but there are fewer applicants for these areas.

The duration of an au pair's stay depends on the mutual agreement between the host family and the au pair, along with visa regulations. In general, placements can range from 6 months to 1 year. Extensions may be possible, subject to immigration rules.

In cases where the placement isn't working out, most agencies have a mediation process to help resolve issues. If the problems persist, the agency may arrange a 'rematch,' where the au pair is placed with a different host family, or the host family gets a new au pair.

Driving in Australia

Driving is not a requirement for all Au Pairs in Australia, but it often becomes a significant part of their responsibilities depending on the needs of the host family. It can be essential for tasks like taking the children to school, extracurricular activities, or even to explore and enjoy the scenic landscapes of Australia during their free time. However, whether an Au Pair drives or not typically depends on the individual agreement between the Au Pair and the host family.

Licenses and Regulations

If an Au Pair is required to drive as part of their duties, they must hold a valid international driving license or a license from their home country, usually with an official English translation. Additionally, Au Pairs should familiarize themselves with the Australian road rules, which may be different from their home countries. It's often a good idea for Au Pairs to take a few driving lessons in Australia to get comfortable with local driving conditions, especially considering that Australians drive on the left side of the road, which may be different from what they are accustomed to.


Insurance and Safety

Safety is paramount when it comes to Au Pairs driving in Australia. Host families should ensure that their Au Pairs are added to their car insurance policy, and Au Pairs should also feel comfortable and confident driving in Australia. Additionally, host families need to provide Au Pairs with a car that is safe, reliable, and in good working condition.

The cost for a host family generally includes the agency fee, the au pair's weekly or monthly stipend, a contribution towards the au pair's education (in some countries), and the cost of room and board. The au pair may also bear some costs such as visa fees, insurance, and personal expenses.

The term "light duties" usually refers to tasks that are not overly strenuous or time-consuming. In the context of an Au Pair, these duties are often related to the children and general upkeep of the household. They are meant to supplement the Au Pair's main role, which is childcare, and not overshadow it.

Here are some examples of what might be included in an Au Pair's light duties:

1. Meal Preparation: This could involve preparing breakfast for the children, packing lunches, or occasionally helping with dinner. The key here is that these tasks are often limited to meals for the children rather than the entire family.

2. Light Housekeeping: Light housekeeping duties often involve tasks related to the children. This could include tidying up the children's rooms, doing the children's laundry, or cleaning up after meals and playtime. It generally does not involve heavy-duty tasks like deep cleaning the entire house or mowing the lawn.

3. Help with Homework: An Au Pair might also assist with the children's homework or other educational activities. This often involves helping them understand assignments, guiding them in their studies, or engaging in language practice.

4. Errands: Occasionally, an Au Pair might run minor errands such as picking up groceries, collecting mail, or taking the children to and from school or extracurricular activities.

Maintaining Balance While an Au Pair's role includes both childcare and light duties, it's essential to maintain a balance. The main responsibility of an Au Pair is to care for the children and ensure their safety and wellbeing. Light duties should not take away from this primary task or result in an unreasonable workload for the Au Pair.

Every Au Pair from Oz Au Pair Australia has undergone thorough background checks, which include police check, character and childcare references, along with a medical evaluation. Furthermore, they have participated in face-to-face interviews to discuss their motivations for travelling to Australia.

Oz Au pair Australia is a reputable Australian Au Pair agency, focused on providing a cultural exchange program that matches Australian families with international Au Pairs. The agency aims to foster a nurturing, beneficial relationship between the host families and Au Pairs, where both parties can learn and grow from the experience.

To be eligible for the Au Pair program with Oz Au pair Australia, individuals need to be aged between 18-30, with a medium level of English and previous childcare experience. They should also have no criminal record, be medically fit, and hold a valid driving license and childcare references. The prospective Au Pair should be willing to commit to the program for a minimum of 6 months.

Au Pairs primarily provide childcare services. These might include preparing meals for the children, taking them to and from school or activities, helping with homework, playing with them, and sometimes helping with bedtime routines. In addition, Au Pairs might perform light housework duties related to the children, such as cleaning their rooms and doing their laundry.

Oz Au pair Australia uses a comprehensive matching process that takes into account the needs and preferences of both the Au Pairs and the host families. The Au Pair fills out an application that details their skills, preferences, and personality, and families do the same.

The agency uses these profiles to match Au Pairs and families based on shared values, interests, and specific needs. Once a potential match is identified, the agency facilitates a video call for both parties to interact and ask each other questions. The decision to proceed is mutual and only made once both the family and the Au Pair feel comfortable.

Oz Au pair Australia provides comprehensive support to both parties. For the Au Pairs, this includes help with visa application processes, support in adjusting to life in Australia, and providing a network of other Au Pairs for social support.

For the families, support includes assistance during the matching process, assist in drafting a suitable Au Pair agreement, help in setting up a successful Au Pair relationship, and ongoing support during the Au Pair's stay. The agency is always available to address any concerns or issues that may arise during the process.

Au Pairs are entitled to their private room, meals, a weekly stipend, and at least one full day off per week. They are also entitled to 1 week paid vacation for every 6 months of service. Their main responsibility is to care for the children and help with light household chores related to the children for up to 30-40 hours per week

Oz Au pair Australia is known for their comprehensive support system and careful matching process. Oz Au pair Australia stands out due to their emphasis on cultural exchange and fostering a sense of community among their Au Pairs.

Our aim is to create lasting, positive experiences for both the Au Pairs and host families. In conclusion, the Oz Au pair Australia agency offers a structured and safe way for young people to experience life in Australia, while helping Australian families with their childcare needs.

An Au Pair agency is an organization that facilitates the arrangement between host families and prospective au pairs. They handle the recruitment process, ensuring that au pairs meet the necessary qualifications, provide necessary training, manage the legal documentation for the au pair's stay, and offer support throughout the placement.

Agencies work by connecting prospective host families and au pairs through an application process. Once a family selects an au pair, the agency assists with all necessary travel arrangements, legal documentation, and provides pre-departure and arrival orientations. The agency also provides ongoing support and resolves any conflicts or issues during the placement.

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