Culture and Society

Australia is a highly developed country that combines natural beauty with the highest technology consolidation as a unique, attractive, it is worth knowing and travel. Moreover, its economic indices, the high quality of life and its multicultural society makes it one of the favorite destinations when it comes to travel. 

Australia is a nation of immigrants identified with values such as tolerance and a rejection of racial discrimination. The Australian population is made up of people who come from all corners of the world. About 23% of Australians were born in another country and over a quarter of the population have parents who were born abroad. With the end of the Second World War the nation entered a period of economic boom, with the opening of mines and major projects for the construction of the nation. The 50s were a time of political stability based on the development of a thriving urban ownership society that facilitated the entry of immigrants into the country. After decades of the 50 and 60, arrived in Australia a wave of non-English immigrants, mostly white, mostly from Europe and South East. These successive waves of migration to Australia completely transformed, especially in big cities. In the decades of the’70s and’80s, Australia had also received many immigrants from Latin America, mainly in the Southern Cone, fleeing the crisis facing their countries. Unlike what happened with Latinos who migrated to Europe in those years, who emigrated to Australia were established and remain based in the area.