Frequent questions for Au pairs and hosting families

What if the au pair does not adapt to the family or does not comply with her agreement? 

Well, in this case it is best to talk first with the au pair and discuss issues that we do not like about her behaviour. We must understand that she is in a different family, with other habits (meal times, types of food, children …. Etc.). It is very important to talk with the au pair in the following days of her arrival and explain what the family expects, and make a weekly planning, that will improve her adaptation . If the differences are not resolved we proceed to speak with the au pair and if we don’t come to a solution we will seek another au pair to the family and another family to the au pair. It is important to respect the agreed working period and the previously signed agreement between the family and the au pair

If I do not have an extra room for the au pair can she sleep with the children? 

It is very important to let the Au pair keep her privacy to be able to rest and to study. It is very difficult that a girl accepts coming to a family if you do not have her own. And when there has been a case of having to share a room with the children there have been problems because the children sleep schedules are different from those of a girl of 19 -30 years..

If she needs to study the au pair must have a suitable table and a quiet room. However for small periods is often different, and usually do not have any inconveniences, like when the family travels for vacation and have no room for the au pair . It is very important to discuss this issue when talking with the au pair before her arrival to Australia to avoid problems.

How long does it take to place an Au pair? 

It depends on several factors about the family needs ie: if the family seeks a British (or native English-speaking), proficient in spoken English and driving license will be more difficult than if it does not matter the nationality, driving skills and English level

This process usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks maximum.

Can I ask a native English speaker au pair? 

Yes, but we must take into account the limited possibilities. In the case of native English or Irish really are few candidates. Moreover, in general, candidates from Germany , Yugoslavia , Czech Republic , Belgium and the Netherlands are fluent in English, even many of them have been before as an au pair in England or Studies conducted in the USA .

You Will need to assess your priorities, if you wish to have an au pair to care for the children and give you a hand with housework or a native teacher for the children.


Why is it necessary to complete the online registration form and send our photo?…. 

Well, the more we know about the family the greater the possibility of finding an au pair that fits well. In addition we must be aware that the Au pair will have to make a trip from her country to a house / family she does not know. We want to give the best possible assurance to both families au pairs.

The program’s success depends highly in the information provided by the family.