Useful tips for Aupairs

Nanny in Australia

Once you have provided the necessary documents we require, and we have found for you a suitable family, it is very important to have communication with them to let them know as much as possible about you, your expectations, hobbies, etc. And as well is a good opportunity for you to know what are they expecting from you.

Once you arrive with your hosting family, is advised you try to know each other as much as possible, offer help, try to play with the children to help them feel confident about you.

Try to find a moment when the family is free, to go through your daily duties to ensure you understand everything before you start. For example, if you have questions about how to prepare their lunches, what do they like to eat, etc..

Some Au pairs experience homesick in the first two weeks of their arrival to a new country, which is completely normal, but it does not help if you try to say on your own. That could be even worst for both the family and you, The family can have the feeling you don’t like them, even if it is not the case. We advise you to be in touch with your family, make new friends and try to spend more time with your hosting family, getting involved in their normal activities, going out with them is a good way to be introduced to their friends.

If for any circumstance you feel like speaking with someone, don’t forget we are here to help you, giving support to both families and Au pairs.