What is an Au pair?

A lot of people are not quite sure about what is an Au pair exactly, are they nannies, are they babysitters that they live with you.

What is an Au pair?

An Au pair is a young person from overseas who comes over to Australia for 6-12 months to live with an Australian family, supporting them with childcare and light housework. In return, they will earn some money while receiving free room and board. This provides them with an opportunity to experience another country and meet new people – becoming intimately and authentically familiar with their culture and language.

The majority of au pairs who arrive in Australia opt for major cities, however some prefer small towns.

Au pairs are granted a 12 month Working Holiday Visa, however Au pairs should not work longer than 6 months for the same family unless an extension is granted.

They all speak conversational English and by having the opportunity to be in Australia they improve their skills, they love children of course, all our Au pairs have childcare experience.

Childcare experience from our Au pairs is gathered through babysitting work, internships at childcare facilities, tutoring as well as assisting or leading at a children’s  camp or sports center. Their experience is backed up with references.

Caring for the Children

Most families choose an Au pair as a type of older sibling for their children- someone who will establish a personal relationship with them. Au pairs offer greater flexibility than a daycare and can watch the children at home.

What Au pairs expect from their host family

  • A host family consists of parents, married or single, with children under the age of 18
  • Appreciation and respect
  • Inclusion into the family: e.g. eating with the family and joining them on family trips and excursions
  • A daily or weekly plan with a list of her tasks and responsibilities
  • Pocket money, which is agreed on in writing
  • Contractually set weekly working hours
  • The opportunity to visit a language course
  • At least one full day off per week
  • A set amount of vacation
  • Her own room


The Au pair program at a glance

 Age 18-30 for visa requirements ( however their common profile is early twenties)
 Language skills    Intermediate English, conversational level
 Working hours/week     Au pair 25-40 hrs. Demi Pair Aprox 20 hrs plus 1-2 evenings of babysitting
 Pocket money/week    Au pair AUD $200-320
 Duration        6 months with possibility to extend
 Driver’s license    Most Au pairs hold a drivers license and will apply for their international before arriving
 Health Insurance    Au pairs must take out an international health insurance policy



An Au pair usually does both childcare and light housework chores, some of them are drivers and can assist by driving children to school and other activities and they in exchange receive what is called a pocket money and accommodation.

Daily Responsibilities

Every family is different and has different needs and the tasks of the au pair may be according to the age of the children considering their activities and commitments, but in general their main responsibility is around the care of the children and the rest with other household tasks

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