Sample House Guidelines for the Au pair

The following information is included in these guidelines:

• Contact information–work phone numbers, children’s pediatrician (Doctor) and emergency numbers

• General expectations

• House guidelines

This information is meant as guidelines, and we may change it throughout the year. We would welcome your thoughts, questions or comments about the enclosed. We will try to be fair and accommodate your wishes. Please keep in mind, we are partners!

Contact Information

• Include cell phone numbers for parents

• Include contact information for doctor

• Include telephone numbers for emergency contacts

General Expectations for the Au pair

• Please always be on time for starting work, picking up the kids, taking the kids to school, getting the kids to bed, and having their meals on time.

• Please NEVER ALLOW the KIDS OUTSIDE ALONE! You should watch the kids at all times! If you cannot see them, they are too far from you.

• Please understand that you are a role model for the kids. Try and watch your language in front of them. Do not swear or use mean words such as stupid in front of the kids.

• Remember, the most important thing is to KEEP THE CHILDREN SAFE!!!

• Play, play, and play…Always play with the kids; not just watch them play. That means acting silly, smiling, being creative, and being playful. Be motivated and creative with the children; avoid TV watching.

• We appreciate your off time is your own time, but please be sensitive to the kids, they love you whether you are “on” or “off” working hours.

• When you can, we would love for you to attend important events for the kids such as birthdays or recitals.

If you cannot, be sure to ask the kids about them. Example: How was the soccer game? Did your team win? How did you play? We would also like to support you in your important events. Please share with us if there is something special you would like us to attend.

• You are our “eyes and ears”. We look forward to asking you daily what new things happened, how school was for the kids and any changes you witnessed.

• We very much welcome any questions that you may have. Please ask lots of questions about your work. Even if you feel silly asking what seems simple, ask anyway.

• Share your culture: talk about your country, teach the kids some of your language, songs, and games, and prepare some food from your country.

Please know that good communication will make you and us comfortable, and help you feel a part of our family. That means being able to talk about problems, misunderstandings, or other issues that arise.

If you have a question, just ask us. There is no such thing as a dumb question…and there is no topic that we don’t feel comfortable discussing.