Find a Babysitter

How the timing works


An Au pair is the best option if you are considering to find a babysitter. You can start your au pair search at any time- it’s not a seasonal thing though most of them prefer not to arrive in plain winter and spend their summer months of July and August in their own countries. Don’t wait until the last minute, however. It can usually take from 2 and up to 3 weeks to do all the process which means to complete the paperwork and interview process to find an au pair you like.

An Au pair can stay in Australia for up to twelve months, with a maximum of 6 with each employer.

Choosing your Au pair agency

As you can see, the choice of an au pair agency is an important one, below are some things to research or ask about when choosing among au pair agencies and why we stand out between them.

– How long will the process take?

Make sure their scheduling fits yours. Our agency starts matching you with potential candidates within a day or two.

– How much will I need to pay in total?

Find out how the fee structure works, both at the initial application phase and once they start the matching process, be careful with hidden fees. Our agency is the only one in Australia not charging registration or booking fees, extra payments or hidden fees, we have a one off payment payable only upon confirmation of her placement, the same fee if the au pair is a driver or native English speaker.

– What’s your procedure for matching families with potential au pairs?

Some agencies pride themselves of providing one-on-one matching. In other words, instead of hitting you with a slew of applications, they claim to identify carefully one applicant only who closely meet your criteria, allowing you to interview only one candidate which saves you time, but Our Agency’s focus on your priorities and needs, as it can be too limiting as you want to know more about the other au pairs on file to compare, for that we try to present at least 3 or 4 candidates that best match your criteria to choose from.

 – What happens if our au pair doesn’t work out?

 Ideally, any agency will either help resolve the problem or line you up with a new au pair. But don’t expect a full refund. No agency can guarantee a person’s personality.