Gap Year Abroad

What do I need to do as an Au Pair?

Au Pairs are placed on a cultural and language exchange program and become a special member of the family. The Family selects and then invites the Au pair to come and live in their home, and give the opportunity to the Au Pair to learn their culture and language. In exchange, during her stay the Au Pair helps the family with the daily care of their children as well as light housekeeping duties. To this effect, you will receive some pocket money so in your free time and weekends, you can travel and socialise.

Placement length

The peak period for placements are between September and January, however we can easily find Au Pair vacancies throughout the year. Most families require the Au Pair to be with them for a 10 or 12 months period with most countries requiring a minimum of 6 months. The few exceptions are 4 months summer placements (European summer holidays being between may and August inclusive)

What are my benefits?

This is variable from a country to another and is based generally upon the cost of living in the country, the hours worked and the type of placement. In many european countries, the maximum working hours and minimum pay are regulated. The Au Pair pocket money is usually between €85 (Euro) and €120 a week for most European countries and around £100 (Pounds) a week for the United Kingdom. Many families will offer additional benefits such as phone allowances, public transport and participating in language courses fees.

Some of the minimum requirements to participate in the program 
(can vary from country to country)


  • Being between 18 and 29 years old depending on program and country of choice
  • Having previous experience in childcare (150 hours minimum) – this includes work experience in day care centres, babysitting, looking after children of close family members.
  • Do not smoke
  • Hold a valid driving licence – this is not compulsory but appreciated from most families.
  • No criminal records.

Are you interested?

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