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The Tasks of an Au pair

The tasks of an Au pair generally fall under two categories: childcare and light housework. The Au pair is not completely responsible for these tasks, but rather is meant to support the parents in these areas and lighten their load.

1- Childcare

Childcare means to be responsible for the children’s everyday needs. This includes for instance:

Entertainment and Supervision Playing with the kids, bringing them to kindergarten, school, leisure events or play dates with friends, reading to them, doing crafts with them, exercising with them, helping them with homework,etc

Feeding Preparing small meals or snacks, serving the food

Physical Hygiene Washing and bathing the children, brushing their teeth, changing their clothes

Bathroom-related Duties Changing diapers, assisting small children in the restroom, potty training

Sleeping Walking the children in the morning, bringing them to bed at night, laying them down for a nap

Safety Supervising the children and keeping them from danger, taking them by the hand when crossing the street, never leaving small children unsupervised

2- Light Housework

The second main task alongside of childcare is helping around the house.
This can include the following tasks:

  • Tyding up
  • Washing clothes and ironing
  • Vacuuming
  • Airing the house
  • Dusting
  • Mopping
  • Caring for pets
  • Going shopping
  • Preparing and serving small meals or snacks
  • Cleaning up the kitchen
  • Washing dishes
  • Looking after the house when the family is away