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Flexible Live in Care

Extra Benefits of Hosting an Au pair

Many parents find it challenging to manage childcare as they need to make it work, taking into account different schedules and routines – daycare, after school care, and family members trying to help out. The au pair program can help you get this desired flexibility. Having an au pair in your family eliminates the need to rush back from work as there is no ‘closing time’ or a babysitter with an inconvenient working schedule.

If your child is ill and can’t go to school or the daycare, an au pair is there to help you manage the case and look after a sick child at home. Your au pair is also able to take care of two kids, even if one of them is at school and the little one’s always at home.

 Hosting an Au Pair – Flexible Family Care

The greatest thing about the au pair program is that a person who comes to join your family lives at your house 24/7. Your au pair is available for looking after children at home in the evenings, at night, or on holidays. 

Contact our Au pair agency Au Pair Australia to find the best solution for your kids and yourself. We are one of the top au pair companies in Australia! Our team is always there to help you choose  flexible live-in care for your family in the shortest terms. 

Meeting Your Toughest Requirements

Your au pair’s schedule is made to meet the requirements and preferences of your family, as the ‘big sis’ is never restricted to the 9 to 5 routine. If you a parent working shifts or at night, you will certainly find au pair’s flexibility helpful.

 Holiday Care

Have you ever been looking for a babysitter on Friday evening or at the weekend? Then you know how baffling this task may be. Most of the time, you will end up leaving your child with a complete stranger and worry instead of relaxing or having fun. An au pair is a familiar person whom you can always ask to stay in and take care of your child. 

Try hosting an au pair, and you won’t need to waste time dropping off and picking up your children from school or daycare every day. Your au pair can address this need. 

 Flexible Schedule and Handy Assistance

School holidays are the time when most of the au pairs are eager to work additional hours and provide vacation care. An au pair may organize a special trip or a day out with your kids. You may also invite your au pair to join the family on holiday, and have some time for relaxation while your au pair is looking after your child.

Parents are the ones who decide what their child needs. Au pair’s schedule is flexible, so you won’t have to put off your meetings or cancel business arrangements the next time your child is sick or requires special care.

 Au Pairs Skills and Priorities

Whether it is a long walk in the park every day or teaching a child to read and write, a parent decides what to prioritize. During your first meeting with our agency, you will be asked to provide us any specific requirements for your candidates.  

An au pair can work with children of all ages. The au pair program suits families with babies as an extra hand, active toddlers, and school children. Some parents require an assistant for their teenage kids. Your au pair can also help children do homework, prepare for exams, cook food, and get around the city. 

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