Work as Au pair and Study

Experience the multimedia learning environment. Watch and listen to native English speakers as they participate in real-life social and work situations. Complete interactive exercises including vocabulary and grammar tasks. Practise and record your own speaking and writing. Improve your confidence by repeating tasks as many times as you need. Receive instant feedback on your answers to improve your accuracy and confidence.

Choose from one of our 3 English courses. They provide a rich multimedia learning environment that presents language in real contexts via video, audio, animation and interactive tasks.

Unique benefits for learners

• Engagement – through quizzes, puzzles, games, videos and interactivity including dialogue builders.
• Progression – immediate feedback is provided in the form of discrete answers, auto-correcting activities, sample answers, hints and additional information.
• Flexibility – 24/7 access allows learners to study anytime, anywhere, at their own pace and intensity.
• Confidence – provided through a safe and nonthreatening environment where learners can experiment, practise and review the areas of language they want to master.
• Independence – through course features such as video and audio players with synchronised transcripts encouraging learners to take control of how they develop their language skills.

Course 1: World Wide English – valued at $ 330 

World Wide English is a suite of general English courses from beginner to intermediate with a work, life and study focus. It’s supported by a mobile app.

Expand YOUR world. Be confident communicating in English speaking environments.

  1. Make friends speaking English
  2. Go shopping and to restaurants with confidence
  3. Negotiate business transactions in English
  4. Travel the world
  5. Work in multi-national companies or overseas

English for work, study and life in global environments
6 courses: Beginner to intermediate (exit IELTS 5 – 5.5).
• Language development of all skills: listening, reading, speaking, writing and pronunciation.
• Guided discovery approach to grammar and vocabulary and integrated skills practice throughout.
• Scaffolding to create own written and spoken tasks.
• Online assessment tools aligned to Certificates I – III in spoken and Written English.
• Supporting mobile app lessons.
Each World Wide English course (1 to 6) includes: 12 month access
• 65 hours of content
• 15 units with over 300 screens.

Course 2: Living In Australia – valued at $ 330

Living in Australia develops the language and cultural skills learners need to settle in Australia and participate fully in social, community and workplace settings.

Settle successfully in Australia – improve your English and learn about Australian society and culture.

  1. Understand people
  2. Communicate clearly
  3. Be part of your community
  4. Go shopping with confidence
  5. Get a good job

English for settlement in Australia
3 courses: Beginner to intermediate (exit IELTS 4.5).
• Develops listening, reading, speaking, writing and pronunciation through important everyday topics.
Each Living in Australia course (1 to 3) includes: 12 month access
• 120 hours of content
• 10 units with over 300 screens

Course 3: Workplace Communication Skills – valued at $330

This is an exclusive opportunity for students to purchase the following 6 online English courses designed to develop Advanced Workplace Communication Skills. Customer service, Negotiating and problem solving, Pronunciation at work. Grammar you need, Writing for work and Jobseekers online

To be successful you need to understand the Australian jobseeking market.

  1. Learn the language of jobseeking
  2. Understand what Australian employers are looking for
  3. Learn how to tailor your jobseeking to local conditions
  4. Learn how to promote yourself in person, on the phone and in writing
  5. Be confident

Short courses in advanced spoken and written communication skills
6 courses: Advanced English level. 12 month access
• Optional support resources available for purchase:
Negotiating and problem solving
Strategies and skills for workplace communication including meetings.
• 15 hours of online content delivered in 3 units.
• Optional support resources available for purchase:
Pronunciation at work
Skills for successful job interviews, talking with clients and colleagues.
• 15 hours of online content delivered in 6 units.
Grammar you need
Grammatical structures including: time, conjunctions, modality and compounds.
• 30 hours of online content delivered in 13 units.
Writing for work
Formal and informal correspondence including: email, proposals and reports.
• 20 hours of online content delivered in 8 units.
Jobseekers online
Strategies to successfully apply for jobs in English-speaking countries.
• 25 hours of online content delivered in 4 units.