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How Au Pair Australia Screens Au Pairs

Providing safe, high-quality, and tailored childcare is the ultimate goal of our Agency. Achieving this involves meticulous screening of potential au pairs to ensure they are suitable for their roles and compatible with the families they’ll be serving.

1- Application and Initial Assessment: 

Au Pair Australia begins the screening process with an in-depth application form, which provides crucial information about the potential au pair. This form seeks to ascertain the au pair’s background, personal interests, childcare experience, language skills, driving skills, health status, and more. It also requires the applicant to express their motivations for wanting to become an au pair in Australia, which provides insight into their expectations and level of commitment.

2- Comprehensive Interviews: 

Once the application is reviewed and deemed to meet the necessary standards, our partner agencies conduct a series of interviews. These can be via video calls or in-person, depending on the applicant’s location. The aim of these interviews is to gauge the candidate’s personality, character, problem-solving abilities, communication skills, and suitability for providing childcare.

3- Reference Checks: 

References play a critical role in the screening process. Au Pair Australia requires a minimum of two non-family childcare references. These references help confirm the au pair’s previous experience, skills, and behavior in real-world childcare settings. The agency will contact the provided references to validate and gain more detailed information about the au pair’s childcare experience.

4- Medical Examination and Health Screening:

A medical examination is another critical aspect of the screening process. Our agency requires a medical clearance report, which ensures the potential au pair is physically and mentally fit and doesn’t have any medical conditions that could hinder their ability to care for children.

5- Background and Police Checks: 

Safety is paramount, and to ensure this, our agency requires every potential au pair to provide a police clearance certificate or criminal background check from their home country. This is to ensure that they don’t have any past criminal records that could pose a risk to host families.

6- Language Skills Assessment

Our overseas partners will assess the au pair’s proficiency in either language. This evaluation ensures the au pair will be able to effectively communicate with the host family and in case of emergencies.

Host Family Matching Process

The final step in the screening process is matching the au pair with a suitable host family. This placement process takes into account the needs, preferences, and lifestyle of both the family and the au pair.

Through this meticulous and thorough screening process at our Au pair Agency, we ensure that only the most qualified, reliable, and compatible au pairs are matched with host families. This detailed process ensures that families can have peace of mind about the person they are inviting into their homes and entrusting with the care of their children. 

Our Comprehensive Application Checklist our Au Pairs meet

 Application Form. Which includes information about your personal details, educational background, childcare experience, language proficiency, interests, and reasons for wanting to become an au pair in Australia.

 Childcare Resume. It details past experiences with children, including babysitting, tutoring, volunteer work, or any other relevant roles. It highlights her responsibilities, the ages of children she has worked with, and the duration of her experiences.

 Reference Letters. You will get an introduction letter, photographs, and a detailed application form from every candidate in your shortlist. Our au pairs have professional references from their previous workplace. 

 Criminal Background Check. An integral part of the application process is providing a clean criminal record check. This ensures the safety of the host family and certifies that you’re trustworthy.

 Medical Certificate. To confirm she is physically and mentally fit to care for children. This typically involves a general health examination and may also include a mental health assessment. The complete medical check for au pairs includes information about severe health conditions and allergies.

 Driver’s License and Passport ID. 

 Personal Photos and/or Video. Photos and sometimes a video that depicts her life, family, friends, and any experiences with children. This gives the host family a glimpse of who she is as an individual.

 Letters to Host Family. Explaining why she is interested in the au pair in Australia program. This gives families a sense of your personality and motivations.

Our partners. Approved au pair agencies in source countries also perform detailed screening and rigorous preparation of every candidate. All our partner agencies follow the strictest code of conduct in our industry as we are members of the International Au Pair Agencies Association.



We work only with approved au pair agencies in source countries that carry out top-level testing and preparation and training of candidates in their own language.

Au Pair Australia ensures that your au pair qualifies to come to Australia on a Working Holiday Visa. Our close relationship with our screening partners have allow us to visit their own offices abroad to explain more about the Au pair in Australia program.


We also help candidates handle visa application, gap year travel insurance and flights to Australia.

AEAAF Members

We are passionate about Cultural Exchange and our partner agencies follow the strictest code of conduct in our industry as we are members of the International Au Pair Agencies Association, AEAAF.