Why Us


At Au Pair Australia, we take great pride in our commitment to providing exceptional childcare. We strive to offer peace of mind to both families and candidates who place their trust in us. Our expertise and deep understanding of children and the industry contribute to our reputation.

Established in 2008, we started as a small Au pair agency in Sydney, specializing in placing Au Pairs. Over time, we have evolved into industry leaders, offering a wide range of placements.

Trust and integrity are the foundations of Au Pair Australia. We recognize the significance of finding the right candidate who fits perfectly within a family. To set high standards in the industry, we have implemented rigorous screening and matching procedures. Through our filtering methodology, we not only identify exceptional individuals but also gain insight into their personalities, strengths, beliefs, and talents. This knowledge helps us determine which family they are the missing piece of, completing the puzzle.

Our operations are guided by the principles of integrity and adherence to international business ethics and codes of conduct. We take a holistic approach, focusing on the specific needs and uniqueness of each family as a complete unit. This ensures the perfect match between the family, child, and candidate, emphasizing a top-down perspective. 

Discover Why Our Au Pair Agency Stands Out from the Rest

You can anticipate outstanding service when it comes to exceptional child care. We offer comprehensive program support, which includes helping you choose the right au pair, organizing logistics, providing orientation for both your family and the au pair, and offering full support.

With our extensive 14-year experience, we have the ability to understand and meet the needs of host families providing a specific, tailored experience to each customer through matching, support, tips, recommendations, to suit individual needs and preferences. Our dedicated team, offers daily and ongoing local support to ensure a positive and successful experience for both you and your au pair, as evidenced by the positive reviews of our au pair agency.

Our agency will present you with pre-screened applicants ready for interviews. No need to spend hours on Facebook or au pair websites to find applicants to meet your needs.

Our agency provides support and tips every step of the way when needed, and written material like a family Handbook and contracts to maximize success.

Letter & pictures – Each au pair is introduced to you through an introduction letter, pictures, and a comprehensive application form. You will notice that many candidates put in genuine effort to write a lovely personal letter.

References – Our au pairs provide references from various childcare experiences, such as babysitting, work experience, assisting with homework, or involvement in sports clubs. They may also provide a character reference.

Medical check - For the health and safety of au pairs, a medical check is conducted, which includes inquiries about significant medical conditions and allergies. This check is signed by a medical professional.

Police check - To ensure a trustworthy background, au pairs undergo a police clearance from their home country. Upon their arrival in Australia, they will apply for the local Working With Children's Check specific to your state or territory.

Hosting an au pair offers the flexibility and convenience required to simplify your life. With an au pair, you have the ability to design a personalized child care schedule of up to 10 hours per day and 40 hours per week.

Having a live-in child care assistant simplifies the management of sick days, unexpected events, and other unforeseen circumstances, making them easier to handle.

At Au pair Australia, Our au pairs go through a comprehensive application process which includes a personal interview, submitting references and going through a criminal background check. Our matching service combines a personal touch with effective tools.


This means that we take the time to truly understand your family's needs, going beyond simply asking you to fill out forms. We arrange a telephone consultation with an au pair expert to provide assistance. Once we have gathered all the necessary information and addressed your inquiries, our team will look for candidates who align with your priorities.


We maintain regular communication with you throughout the interviewing process, checking in at least once a week to provide guidance until you are ready to confirm your match with us.

Beyond excellent child care, your family will embark on a rewarding cultural journey. During their crucial developmental years, your children will not only receive exceptional care but also gain a global education, exploring the world and experiencing your au pair's culture and traditions.


Moreover, if you desire your children to be bilingual, an au pair offers unparalleled exposure and reinforcement, providing the most effective means to immerse them in a new language.

All our au pairs are experienced, though not extensively or professionally, in caring for children. Your au pair will have recent and practical child care experience, the details of which you will be able to review in their application